Research and Studies
ሐሙስ, 15 December 2011 08:42

The EIO has conducted several research studies in line with its mandate primarily to promote good governance in different parts of the country. The research studies conducted over the past four years include:

  • Maladministration Issues of Persons with Disability
  • A study Report made to Assess Citizen's Complaints on the Procedures followed by Courts in Mekelle and Wekro Cities
  • Implementation of the Right to Rural Land Use of Women
  • Implementation of Affirmative Action for Women in Ethiopia
  • National Guideline for Children Parliaments in Ethiopia
  • Research on Complaints against Unfair Decisions Rendered by Courts in
  • ToT Manual on the Constitution, Good Governance and the Institution of
  • Quality of Public Service Delivery in Bahir Dar City
  • Good Governance in Bahir Dar Kebelle Administration
  • Maladministration Issues of Women in Bahir Dar
  • Maladministration Issues of Women and Children in Jimma Administrative
  • Citizens complaints on Bahir Dar Court Administration
  • Administrative Complaint/Grievance Hearing System of Public Institutions
  • Citizens complaints on Mekelle Court Administration
  • Maladministration Issues Facing Vulnerable Groups in Mekelle
  • Service Delivery in Jimma Municipal Office Citizens’ Complaints on Hawassa City Court Administration
  • Problems of Service Delivery in Addis Ababa City Courts
  • Public Service Delivery in Addis Ababa Municipal Office, with specific Reference to Land Administration
  • The Role of an Ombudsman in Ensuring/Promoting Good Governance: The Case of Addis Ababa University Office of the Ombudsman
  • National Baseline survey on Maladministration in Ethiopia
  • In house research on EIO’s proclamation number 211/2000 and recommend amendment to the house.
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