Research Shows Vehicle Insurance for Third Party Risks to have Implementation Gaps
Friday, 09 May 2014 06:41

The Institution of the Ombudsman proved that the Vehicle Insurance for Third Party Risks amended proclamation 779/2013 has an implementation gaps.

On a workshop conducted by Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman that comprises executives and experts from the Insurance Fund Administration Agency and other concerned bodies at Global Hotel on 16th of February 2014, an investigative research presented by a team of legal experts from the institution proved that some governmental and privately seized medical centers lack sufficient awareness to provide a primary emergency medical treatment to victims of traffic accidents without a pre payment. The research also showed the victims are not properly paid for damage.

In spite of the fact that, the proclamation provides the victims to be paid for the damage and get emergency treatment from any health centers without payment as the medical centers are said to be refunded by insurance fund agency or by insurance companies, the agency established to supervise and control the implementation of the provision of the proclamation fails to create sufficient awareness to the concerned bodies in the effort made to implement the provisions, the study indicated.

On the opening of the forum Chief ombudsman Mrs. Foziya Amin in her well coming speech said that for the past many years and even today our country is losing a number of lives and properties as the result of car accidents: but the attention given by the 3rd party Riske regarding the service deliveries for the victim are too low vis a vis the right provided on the proclamation. Since the issue is s3ensitive, a proper attention should be given to it from concerned bodies, she recommended.

The chief ombudsman also emphasized on some among several duties and powers of the institution such as, under taking studies, researches, monitoring and follow up including on motion investigation on governmental sectors and seek remedies incase when it believes that maladministration has occurred and make recommendation to bring about better service deliveries. The research, being part of the primal measures taken by the institution, will be expected to play a crucial role in the effort made to implement to proclamation, she remarked.

The IFFA, insurance operation director Mr. Abdul Abdullah on his part said that the issues investigated by the institution especially the gaps raised in connection to service deliveries are vital to use as inputs to fill the gaps. From now on, the agency, in collaboration with all stake holders, would try its best to improve the service delivery to minimize problem, the director added.

The stakeholders from various sectors on their part promised to solve the problem identified by the research and expressed their willingness to work together and render better and improved services.

Finally, the chief ombudsman has responded to various questions raised from the participants and recommended that all stakeholders should work together and pay attention to serve the citizens according to provision

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