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Prime Minster of Republic of Chad Mr.Kalzebet Phaimi Deubet in his keynote  speech on African Ombudsman and Mediators Association (AOMA) Central African countries sub-regional meeting  -which is   organized  by Mediator of  Chad   on March 30-31 /2015 in  Chad,  N’Djamena - said that  Ombudsman Institutions can play an important role as ‘communication bridge’ between government and community .

Ombudsman institutions in Africa, in their function as mediators between citizens and governments and play an important role in the promotion of open government, said prime minster KalzebetPhaimi

The prime minster further  said that Ombudsman Institutions, which can be a key vehicle to amplify citizen voice and make government open, inclusive and build governance in Africa.

The prime minster noted thatMediator/Ombudsman institutions, human right commissions and other oversight organizations   should be strengthen so that continental and sub-regions political stability, peace, security, rule of law and good governance further enhanced.

He also urged the central Africa countries should give a due attention to such institutions as they consolidate the ongoing democracy and development endeavors.

African Ombudsman and Mediators Association (AOMA) President and Chief Ombudsman of Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman Mrs Fozia Amin on her part said that AOMA is the only Africa-wide body that brings together offices, practitioners and scholars dedicated to advancing the development of ombudsman and related governance institutions in Africa.

Mrs. Fozia Amin


The aim of organizing AOMA in six sub region is to decentralize the activities of the Association and share information and knowledge with a due emphasis to their respective regions. Such structure is believed to enhance the capacity of ombudsman Institutions of Africa as they have almost common problems to tackle together, said the president.

She also noted that AOMA believes that where there are strong and vibrant Ombudsman and Human rights institutions, the public lodges their grievances through legal channels thereby constitutional democracy will be strengthen.

Mediator of Republic of Chad Mr. Bachar Ali Souleymane during his welcoming speech said that AOMA’s Central Africa sub-region meeting would help mediators of the sub-region to impart experiences from different countries particularly from Gabon and Burundi.

Mediator BacharAli also stressed on the importance of such sub regional meeting in enhancing the capacities of mediators to be strong and vibrant in protecting the rights and benefits of  citizens in the region.

Mrs. Nora Ben Yacoub United Nations Special Representative Secretary General of Peace & Security in central Africa on her part said United Nation’s main target is to see conflict free Africa and it will provide all necessary support   to bolster   the sub-region mediators/ombudsman institutions so that they should play their fair share in consolidating peace, stability and security in the region.

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